How to Play Bingo at RocketPlay Casino

If you’ve never played RocketPlay free online bingo before, you can still easily understand the rules of the game, as Bingo is a simple jackpot game with many people competing in each horse for one (or more) winning prizes. However, there are several different formats in which this game can be played, and each uses slightly different rules.

In this game, players purchase cards with a five-by-five grid. Fifteen numbers relate to each of the five columns, and usually each column is associated with one of the letters B-I-N-G-O. For example, B contains numbers 1-15, I contains numbers 16-30, etc. The cards contain randomly assigned numbers in each column from the appropriate range. In many varieties of RocketPlay online bingo review, the center field is provided to players at the beginning of the game as a “free square,” which mainly serves to speed up the game in some way.

The host announces the numbers, one by one, and the players mark the corresponding fields on their cards when those numbers match. The goal of the game is to be the first player to fill in the numbers required for a particular game. Most often players need to fill in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of five fields in a row. Various other pieces are also possible: rhombuses, four corners, frames, letters, full coverage of the fields (the so-called “blackout”). In general, any piece can be used, as long as players understand what is required to achieve a win. Traditionally, after a player closes his or her piece, he or she must shout “BINGO!”, whereupon the host will verify the player’s ticket and the player will receive a prize for that game or piece.

In much of the world, especially in Australia, a variation of the game called 90-Ball Bingo is primarily common. In this case, players receive cards with three rows and nine columns. However, there will only be five numbers per column (the remaining fields will be blank), which means that each player’s card will contain 15 numbers. The numbers in each column are associated with different groups of about ten numbers: the first column may contain only numbers 1-9, the second column may contain numbers 10-19, and the ninth column will contain numbers 80-90.

In the regular RocketPlay online bingo bonus game, three different prizes are awarded. The first, smallest prize is given to the winner for “one line,” which is the first player to guess all five numbers on a horizontal line on their card. The second provisional prize is given to the player who fills two lines (ten fields in total – the so-called spots). Finally, the grand prize goes to the first player (or players) to get a “full house” by correctly checking all 15 numbers on their card.

Other versions of the game are also common, even if they are less popular than the two main options. The 80-Ball RocketPlay bingo games online cards use a four-by-four figure, but this game is more of a 75-ball game, with the goal for players looking to win a prize often being to cover all the lines or pieces. A version of this game, 30-Ball, is a “fast” version of the game: players usually get a three-on-three card, and the first person to fill the entire card wins that cone’s prize.

Filling out your virtual card

RocketPlay play bingo online was launched in the late nineties, with the first versions of the game appearing online around 1996. Many of these games were free, some provided prizes (usually not in cash form) for the winners. Real money Bingo only really began to spread online after many other forms of online gambling, such as online poker, became successful in the first decade of the 21st century.

Today, players can choose from dozens of reputable, reliable and popular sites, such as RocketPlay online bingo Australia.

The most popular formats are with 75 and 90 balls. The distribution of individual game types depends on which regions a particular site is aimed at: so, if the main audience of the site is Americans or Canadians, the B-I-N-G-O format will probably be dominant.

Most software systems contain common features that players can use to better organize their game. And while each player usually has the option to manually mark cards (making the game closer to live mode), there is also an “autolabel” feature that does this work automatically – a feature that is especially useful when playing with a lot of cards.

Speaking of those who play with too many cards and can’t keep track of all of them, there are sites that offer ways to mark your key actions when you win a con. Usually a certain sorting mechanism is offered that moves your most successful cards to the top, allowing you to immediately see how close you are to forming a winning piece.

How to Get Started?

If you did decide to try your hand at the RocketPlay online bingo, you made the right decision. The site offers RocketPlay bingo online real money game on your territory. 

After you open an account, you will need to find a way to make a deposit to it. For RocketPlay online bingo no deposit game, there are various banking options used for internet gambling, and they are more or less the same as those offered in online casinos. If you are not familiar with them, here are explanations of the methods most commonly used by players:

  • Credit Cards: Can I use credit cards for this purpose? Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in the online gambling world, although whether they want their cards to be used on such sites is up to the issuing banks. That means you may find that some cards aren’t processed at some of the sites you’ll want to gamble on.
  • Electronic Wallets: These services allow you to keep money in a virtual “wallet” that you can use to make deposits, process withdrawals, or send money back to your bank account. Typically, an e-wallet connects to your bank account, credit card or other funding source, and then you can use the e-wallet to coordinate all your banking transactions. Skrill and Neteller are popular e-wallets in the gaming world, and PayPal (perhaps the most famous e-wallet for general purposes) is also accepted on some sites.
  • Bank transfers: If you don’t want to deal with intermediaries, you can always just transfer funds directly from your bank to the right site.
  • Prepaid vouchers/cards: You may want to use cash to fund your game, but you can’t just take a few dollars and send it to your favorite site. Instead, you can purchase a prepaid product, which you will receive along with a code to use at your desired site to fund your account. One great example is Ukash. It’s a voucher that’s sold at a thousand retail locations. PaySafeCard is another popular option for making prepaid deposits.

These are just some of the many ways to fund your account. Receiving your payouts is usually done in a similar way – in addition, most operators will be happy to mail you a check if that would be the best way for you to receive your winnings. If you already have an account and have the balance to top it up, you’ll be able to purchase cards and play your first game in just a few minutes!

As far as software is concerned, RocketPlay is supported by instant payment platforms which can be accessed directly from your web browser. These days, as with other types of Internet gambling, there has been a significant increase in interest in mobile Bingo. RocketPlay Casino offers an app that can be accessed directly from your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to jump right in and play a couple of stakes while connected to the internet.