Live Blackjack Guide

Blackjack is one of the oldest card gambling games in casinos. According to some studies, blackjack began in the seventeenth century, but then it was called “21”, but the essence of the game remained the same.

Over time, everything changes, changes in the availability of gambling, changes in gambling, and changes in the places where people gamble. Casinos began to appear, and with the advent of the available Internet, people also began to play in online casinos. Therefore, we offer you our review on the always popular modern form of the game Live Blackjack.

Live Blackjack

Advantages of Live Blackjack at Rocket Play

Live Blackjack online has many advantages over other casino games. Therefore, we suggest you consider what advantages may interest you:

  • the simplicity of the rules – over the many years of existence, Live Blackjack Everyone had played blackjack before the first time they visited a casino. It could be at home with family, or it could be at a party with friends, but everyone is familiar with the rules of the game;
  • batch speed – comparing Live Blackjack casino with other games, you can immediately notice that the average party length in online casino games at Live Blackjack Australia is about 2.5 times less. But that’s not surprising because there’s just nothing to play for a long time;
  • live dealer – of course, this is no longer a unique thing, and the first live dealers in casino games appeared in the 2000s. Live dealers became popular when people began to have access to quality internet. A live dealer is a unique interaction, assurance of fairness, and just a good atmosphere that brings you to the halls of land-based casinos with their spaciousness, charisma, and excitement hovering in this room.

Knowing all the game’s advantages, you can safely start playing. And get big winnings.

Popular Live Blackjack Game Types

During its existence, there have been many different variations of this game. And each of them has a massive number of fans. So we invite you to consider five of the most popular of them in a quick format without going into the intricacies of the rules of each of them:

  • American blackjack – This blackjack is mainly referred to as classic blackjack. And it is one of the most common types of blackjack.
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs – One of the main differences between this type of blackjack from classic blackjack is that here the leading role is played by side bets and the first draw of cards;
  • European Blackjack – This kind of Blackjack has few significant differences from the classic Blackjack, which is not surprising since blackjack was born on the European continent;
  • Blackjack Switch – The main difference in this blackjack variant is perfectly reflected in the game’s name. The peculiarity of this blackjack is that you have two hands at once, and you can switch the second cards dealt on each hand between the two players.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack is a classic form of strip blackjack, this type of blackjack has many fans worldwide, and it began in the south of Las Vegas.

You can read more about the rules and features of each of these blackjacks on the official website of the online casino.


There is a lot of competition in the software vendor market. Therefore, each developer tries to make many different games for every user. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost all of them provide different blackjack variants. We suggest you pay attention to such developers with the best Live Blackjack online online online that you can find at online casinos:

  • PGSoft;
  • Microgaming;
  • Play’n’Go;

We can recommend each of these software developers to you because they have proven their skills through years of work in this market and dozens of variations play Live Blackjack.

Customer Support

Also, one of the not insignificant issues is user support because every user may have a difficulty or a question. Therefore, in almost every variation of blackjack, you can turn to specialists who will give you quality and comprehensive help that will solve any of your questions.

Live Blackjack 2


Blackjack has a massive history of development, which people themselves created. Blackjack was loved to play at different times by different people. If you haven’t tried playing blackjack yet, visit Live Blackjack sites, and we are sure this game can captivate you for many evenings.


We often get a lot of questions. Experienced players and beginners write to us. We have collected several popular ones and answered them comprehensively.

Can I play blackjack for free?

Yes, you can start playing blackjack without making any investments. To do that, you need to use our demo mode, which every game has.

Can I play blackjack from my cell phone?

Our developers are doing everything possible so that our users can play as they want and where it will be convenient. That’s why we have a perfectly optimized mobile version of our site. Be sure to try it out.

Can I top up my balance from my cryptocurrency wallet?

Yes, our casino provides the ability to deposit your balance in cryptocurrency. Also, you can withdraw your winnings to your cryptocurrency wallet or bank card.