Loyalty Program at RocketPlay

Gamers are the foundation for any gambling establishment. In order for casino customers to regularly return to the online platform, establishments need to understand their audience and study what motivates players to come and play again and again. For these purposes, almost all casinos create loyalty programs for players, in which users can count on regular promotions, special offers dedicated to any events, and lotteries in which real prizes are drawn.

It is worth noting that all profitable offers are available through the loyalty program service, so it is recommended to join such programs at the time of registering a new account in order to remove all bonus creams. There is a loyalty program Rocket Play for you.

To maintain user interest and stimulate players, casinos regularly update and improve their loyalty programs, while gambling establishments also regularly conduct surveys among their customers in order to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular promotion or bonus that is current or has already ended. This suggests that the casino takes into account the opinion of its audience and makes sure that no player feels left out. It is worth noting the fact that the most profitable casino bonuses are included in loyalty programs.

Loyalty Program at RocketPlay

What do you get with the loyalty program?

Rocket Play online casino loyalty program is a reverse without depositing an account in online games. The reverse is fifteen percent in slot machines. This gift is given to customers on Mondays. Rules for receiving incentives:

  • You get rewarded by making money wagers in the games.
  • The amount of reimbursed funds corresponds to the degree of the player.
  • The loyalty program casino Rocket Play Australia automatically credits the reverse.
  • The largest possible reverse is $8,000.
  • The smallest is equal to one euro.
  • Deal: 5X.
  • The promotion is valid for three days.

For the program to work, you do not need to replenish your account.

On Thursdays, a ten percent reverse is also possible in live mode. The conditions for it are the same as in the previous sentence. The best casino loyalty program Rocket Play, also includes the completion of special tasks. To do this, enter your email and make deals. For this, you are entitled to prizes.


What is RTP?

RTP in online casinos stands for Return to Player. This is a percentage, theoretically suggesting how much money you can return at the end of the game session. It is generally accepted that the average is 95%. 91% is considered low, 98% and above is considered high. The higher the RTP value, the more often and larger the winnings, although another indicator is responsible for this – volatility.

What is the connection between RTP and bonuses?

The return value in some games directly affects the bonuses. That is, the higher the RTP in online slots, the more often and the larger the winnings from bonus games; however, this does not work with all slot machines. In some games, the recoil bonus is set higher than the recoil for the base game. Detailed information can be found in the rules of each game.

How to get a casino bonus?

In order to receive a casino bonus, you need to register, and only for this completed action will you receive a bonus. Also, in the personal account of each gambling establishment, there is a “My Bonuses” section, where you can get detailed information about all the offers available to you, as well as enter the promo code received through the mailing list or in any other legal way.