Rocket Play Live Casino Review

It is believed that the first casinos appeared in Europe in the 17th century. They appeared to control gambling. In those days, gambling was already prevalent among the people. Of course, not everyone could get there, but only members of the nobility and aristocracy, and in the middle of them, waited for very high prices for the games. And they played mostly card games, such as blackjack or bridge, and also liked to play lotteries.

As the casino grew, prices became affordable, and people could play. Then came the Internet. And so appeared the best live casino review below!

Live Casino Rocket Play


To begin with, let’s look at software vendors. As everywhere else, there is tremendous competition in the software vendor market. That’s why online live casino Australia can choose a few of the best ones.

Choosing a software provider is a significant activity. It affects the quality of the casino’s games, support, updating the game, comfort of the players, and how much they can earn. The top online live casino is a responsible approach to this issue. That is why you can meet such market leaders:

    • NetEnt;
    • BetSoft;
    • Blueprint;

And that’s not all; you can find more on the live casino Australia website, be sure to check out their providers and choose which one you like best.

Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are what most captivate the user, and live online casino understands this. Therefore, you can come across many different bonus offers while you play. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Live Casino Rocket Play 2

  • the welcome bonus is a bonus that each player can get as soon as he enters the casino’s official website. This is done to entice new users;
  • registration bonus is a bonus given to each user after he registers and confirms his email. This is done so that new users can find something to do at the casino and try to make their first bets and investments;
  • referral bonus – this bonus can only be obtained if you indicate the player’s code who invited you to the live casino during registration. This player will also receive his part of the bonus. It’s made for people to invite their friends to the casino;
  • the first deposit bonus is a bonus that is added to your balance as soon as you make your first investment in the online casino. This is done so that new users have a greater incentive to invest in the casino;
  • regular promotions – you can always find them on the main page of the online casino. These are entirely different bonuses. Please read the conditions on how to get them carefully. This is done to diversify the game already experienced online casino users;
  • personal offers are promotions that you receive in your mail. Carefully read the terms and conditions on how to get them. They are mainly designed to activate passive players, but sometimes the casino wants to please you.
  • a loyalty bonus is a bonus that experienced casino users receive. This bonus exists so experienced players stay with the casino as much as possible.

As you can see, the casino has a massive variety of bonus offers. Their content may vary, so visit the online casino website to find out what’s inside the bonus you’re counting on.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Also, an important part is a convenience of how you can deposit your balance and how you can withdraw your winnings. The best live casino site offers its users many different ways. So let’s take a look at how you can make your deposit. You can make your deposit with the following:

  • your bank card Visa, MasterCard, American Express;
  • internet banking PayPal, Payoneer, Payer;
  • various cryptocurrency wallets.

The casino provides many options to deposit your balance. You can make your deposit of $20. You can withdraw your winnings from your balance. Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw your balance to your bank card, but you can still use online banking or your cryptocurrency wallet.

Customer Support

A lot of essential part of any casino is its user support. After all, questions and difficulties may arise from anyone at any time. And this online casino is all at the highest level. You can ask for help 24/7, and you’re sure to help because here, with your request will understand the highly skilled team of professionals.


After reading our live online casino reviews, go and register at once in an online casino. But before you do so, be sure to read the recommendations of professionals on how to play casino live. This will certainly help you.


We asked our tech support team to give us the three most common questions so that we can help you find your answer as quickly as possible. And you can find them below.

At what age can I play at an online casino?

It is written in the law that you can commit gambling activities strictly from the age of 18. And we can’t argue with the law.

How to play for free?

On the official website of the online casino, you can find a demo version of any game that interests you and try your hand at it.

Can I play from my cell phone?

Yes, you can download our app from the official website of the online casino, or you can play directly from it. After all, it is perfectly optimized for mobile devices.