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New users of RocketPlay casino bonus free spins are supported not for making a deposit, but only for going through the registration procedure or downloading the mobile application – and start playing for real money. Quite often, you can find a large list of no-deposit and deposit bonuses on the online casino website. On the RocketPlay website, there are no deposit bonuses at all, but there are no-deposit bonuses. And the bonus for downloading the mobile application and registration is the same.

However, not only for registration can be obtained. Regular users of the online casino site, constantly playing online gambling games, who are owners of weekly and monthly bonuses. These bonuses motivate users again and return to the online casino site again for new winnings. Those users who regularly play at the casino can get a new player status, such as VIP status. With the VIP status, not only new obligations appeared, but also new, no less pleasant bonuses, in addition to ordinary online casino users.

How to get free spins bonus?

RocketPlay free spins are available for completing the standard registration process. When it comes to signup bonuses, they really are signup bonuses. That is, after registration, users can actually play slots or other online gambling games for free. In order to decide to play for real money, you must first play with the real bonuses that the online casino gives.

What do I need to do to complete the registration process? Of course, it is necessary to enter personal data such as phone number and e-mail in the registration form. A letter with an individual link to confirm the registration procedure will be sent to your personal e-mail. In addition to registration, there is also a verification procedure, which is also simple like registration, but the online casino requires you to send a copy of a document that confirms that the user is a real person and not a bot, etc.

Although the bonus can be obtained through a simple registration procedure, such as a 300% bonus, also called a welcome bonus, it is possible to deposit an amount of EUR 20 into the general account in order to activate it. In addition to the 300% bonus, the user receives 100 free spins. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the welcome bonus can be received only once, and only by him. Bonuses differ not only in the features of their activation, but also in their validity period.

Types of free spins

RocketPlay casino free spins are a nice bonus, although with such bonuses you can play slots for free. Although all free spins are free spinning reels in slots, there are free ways to get them. They differ in ways to get free spins. Everything is good, simple, and clear. 

So who actually get bonuses at RocketPlay free spins casino Australia?

  • You can get bonus free spins for downloading the mobile application. That is, users of the RocketPlay online casino mobile application automatically leave the owners a pleasant bonus for this simple action.
  • New users who have completed the registration procedure automatically remain the owners of the welcome bonus with an additional 100 free spins. We will give them a hundred free spins for registering on the online casino site!
  • New users and regular players of RocketPlay Casino Free Spins No Deposit can earn not only for the action, but also for playing regularly in the online casino. There are no deposit bonuses on the site, and free spins are one such bonus.

So, free spins can be one-time, regular, and individual. This is a good notional breakdown of the free spins, just to see that there are several ways to get them at the online casino site as a RocketPlay user.

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Are RocketPlay casino free spins Australia individual or standard for all new users and regular players?

There are numerous types of bonuses on the casino website, which include free spins. These free spins can be used to play free online gambling games. Although most of these bonuses are standard and can be received by every registered user, there is also one that will be calculated individually for an individual achievement in the game. All registered users can become owners of both individual and standard bonus in the form of free spins.

When can you get 100 free spins for registration?

Such a bonus is calculated in the form of a welcome bonus. Only new casino users can become owners of such a bonus. In addition, such bonuses can be received only once, so it is better to take full advantage of them. In addition to all new free spins for a pleasant slot game, the gambler automatically becomes the owner of a 300% bonus. A deposit is required to activate it. The amount to be deposited into the general account is 20 EUR. Although the bonus is not a deposit, real money is needed by the user in order to advance further in the real money game.

Bonus for registering and downloading a mobile application – are these different bonuses?

Of course, these are two different bonuses. After all, a mobile application can those users who have a personal account on the online casino site can also download – and get their download bonus. Users who have not yet gone through the registration process can download the mobile application. Therefore, after downloading the application, they can also receive a welcome bonus of 300% for registration. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a good time playing online gambling games for real money!