Cash Pig at RocketPlay

Rocket Play Cash Pig slot is a newly emerged playground from the development team of Booming Games. She started in 2021. This platform includes the possibility of a training game without any obligation. This playground is characterized by extreme price volatility. Includes 5 discs and 4 directions. It has up to thirty profitable schemes and an exorbitant multiplier – 8 thousand.

The recent appearance of Rocket Play Cash Pig online slot does not hinder the development of its popularity. Those who like to store everything in a jug will like this entertainment. Profitably contributing finances to all kinds of objects. Of course, there is a possibility of incurring a loss, but you can also get a big jackpot, so fifty-fifty.

Once you have made up your mind, you will find the strength in yourself to increase the size of your contributions, thanks to the increased volatility of the pricing policy for the objects you have accumulated in the box. So, the more you have accumulated, the more profitable your profit. Your maximum dividend, in this case, is the amount of the contribution with a multiplier of 8 thousand. After all, the highest bet is 54 coins. But for the minimum bet (0.3 coins) – this is also a good income.

cash pig

How to Play Cash Pig

If the Rocket Play Cash Pig slot review is carried out, the playing field has been designed in an unobtrusive color scheme. Expressive drawing will not leave unnoticed any element. Elements of rotation are waiting for you in the most unusual places: on the roof of the cloud top, on the top of the Eiffel Tower, in the basket of a soaring balloon, and around the landscape of a solid metropolis. Here is a platform for you to earn money. Bet, spin, and take risks. A comfortable coordination console will help you:

  • The image of a circular arrow on the green button means the start of Rocket Play Cash Pig free spins.
  • Below is a screen for your account details.
  • Nearby there is a plus sign, which is responsible for the sound, the cessation of musical accompaniment, the maximum deposit of funds with one click, and the introduction of fifty auto revolutions into the game.
  • A little further is the shield for adjusting the amount of input.
  • There is a news icon at the top of the gaming platform to get acquainted with the game conditions, input sizes, etc.
  • By installing a mobile application for the gaming platform, it is possible to take part in the gameplay from any gadget you own in a location that is convenient for you.

Cash Pig Bonus Features

The game base has thirty profitable options. They can be located not only in some direction but also make up any form. For a profitable option, you need to collect from 3 to 5 equivalent signs. Symbols to watch out for:

  • The pig sign is a piggy bank, which means that the previous coin savings are transferred to your deposit.
  • A bottle of champagne on one or five discs gives you extra revs.
  • The Wild sign is a solid diamond that can replace each image to form a profitable scheme.

There is a Rocket Play Cash Pig bonus for you. This playground has three incentive rounds:

  • Major upgrade. Comes into play unexpectedly, transforming simple signs into valuable ones.
  • Minor Eliminator. It also appears unexpectedly and eliminates the budget signs from the playground.
  • Piggy bank. Enters the game when six or more coins fall out. Then 3 periods begin to take root, in turn when the next coin appears. I am glad that a separate coin makes a profit.


How to win money?

To join the Rocket Play Cash Pig slot game, you need to activate your account and make a deposit.

How to play Cash Pig without investment?

There are training rounds on this gaming platform without any obligation.

Does this platform have a large bank, and is it possible to withdraw it?

On this site, there is a good jackpot with a multiplier of 8 thousand.

What is the return rate for this entertainment?

The prospects for gain are quite large. The reversion rate of this playground is very high – 96.03%.